Restaurants in Cabrales Area

Let us talk about the restaurants in Cabrales area. One of the most frequently asked questions when you consider choosing our house for your holidays is how far you need to drive to find a restaurant.

There are many options to eat well very close to Casa Rural La Cortina. The offer is varied, and we believe that there is something for all tastes (and pockets). In this post, we are only going to talk about those that are less than 10 minutes by car from our accommodation.

Less than 4 minutes

Less than 4 minutes away by car, just over 1.6 km, we have our first two options. They are so close that it’s possible to walk there… However, bear in mind that the return is with a full belly and uphill.



In Ortiguero. A good place to eat or have tapas. Their specialty is the grill, which they handle very well. They have managed to turn a place at the foot of a road into a pleasant venue, where you can feel at ease.

It is our choice for those evenings when we are tired but we´d like a bit of fresh air, and to eat something nice very close to home, without the hassle of car and road.



In Canales. Family business, in which the fourth generation is already running in the bar. Very homemade cuisine that always goes down well. And a terrace with spectacular views of the mountain passes and Picos, where it is very pleasant to eat on summer days.

They handle meats very well. They also serve traditional Asturian stews.

A safe bet for those days when you arrive tired from your journey, and you need to eat something good without looking for too much, before returning to La Cortina to rest with a good siesta.

Less than 5 minutes


If you want a real place, one of those where the locals stop, without a doubt, Bar Casa Manolo. This is a typical bar-shop (something very typical in Asturian villages), offering quality products at a good price. People recommend it for tapas, and to buy a sandwich.uieres un sitio de verdad, de esos en los que para la gente de la zona, sin duda, Bar

En Ortiguero

Less than 10 minutes

If we extend what we are willing to move, the options multiply. Less than ten minutes by car from our rural house we have several places, all of them more than adequate. 

Carreña de Cabrales. 6 km away.


You know those days when you feel like something very, very tasty, something special, a restaurant that pampers the palate, and at the same time is a simple place without protocols? La Covaciella is a safe bet. A perfect place for luxury tapas, with a menu that explores beyond traditional Asturian cuisine. A very pleasant place, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Like eating in a VIP restaurant, but at home.



Everyone speaks well of this place. Award for the best cachopos in 2018 and 2020. They pamper them, they understand them, and they like to innovate. Generous quantities, very friendly service, and a terrace overlooking the river.kk

omer en Cabrales


For fifty years now, it has been providing food. And it has managed to keep the flavour intact. A place from the old days. Tasty and homemade cuisine, with traditional Asturian dishes. 

Comer en Cabrales

Avín.  7,5 km

  • La Pandiella. On the left, on the main road going down towards Cangas de Onís. A place with a menu, with mixed opinions. What we do know is that they have recently changed owners…. We’ll try it any day.

Benia de Onís. 8,5 kms.


It never fails. Cosy atmosphere, friendly service, traditional Asturian cuisine, tasty and of good quality. If you prefer a set menu, you can choose between two options, one normal and one special, with different prices. The place is pleasant, with a couple of indoor dining rooms and a terrace in a  little square. 



We are talking about one of the must-visits. Casa Morán is a classic, a place that smells of an old bar, and of history among stews. There are few dishes on the menu, all of them traditional Asturian cuisine, and all of them recommendable. Rosita Morán, an octogenarian, still holds the reins, and serves the tables. Years ago she was awarded the Principality of Asturias Catering Prize for her tireless work at the helm of this establishment. uno de los imprescindibles. 


Very pleasant courtyard garden for a beer and tapas. Good grill, generous dishes with good products. They are friendly and the desserts are homemade.