Cabrales in Winter (and in Autumn). The perfect getaway!

   Cabrales in winter, or in autumn, can be the perfect getaway. And Casa Rural La Cortina is the ideal accommodation. It doesn’t matter if it rains or it is cold, we explain why.

Enjoy Picos de Europa without over crowding

   The routes of the park of Picos de Europa: the Cares, Áliva, Ándara, Ordiales, and many others, are always beautiful. But if you are looking for the tranquility of a space without crowds, the hot months are not always the best time.

   The autumn light in Asturias is the most beautiful of the year, and in general, and despite the reputation, the weather is usually very good. So much so, that here we already talk about the veroño (a mix between the words Verano -Summer- and otoño -Autumn-).

   Winter has a different charm, especially if it has snowed and the getaway allows us to enjoy a different landscape, and the overwhelming silence that comes with the snow, in that wonderful sunny day that we usually have after the snowfall.

Home-like comforts.

   Casa Rural La Cortina has all kinds of amenities to make us feel at home: heating, fireplace (Muniama and Peña Blanca), double jacuzzis (Suite, Muniama and Peña Blanca), fiber, wifi and cable internet, smart TV where you can open your Netflix account …

   We can guide you on what to do, what to visit, where to find the best gastronomic offers. Or we can help you rent snowshoes to walk in the snow, and an endless number of resources to enjoy the cold. Some things are only possible in winter.

Winters are much more romantic.

   Do you want to enjoy a special romantic getaway? Autumn and winter in Casa Rural La Cortina can be the perfect time and place for it. We have taken care of the details to create environments that facilitate comfort and intimacy. We know about the hectic pace, the rush, the tiredness. We know how important these stops and moments of disconnection and resetting are… That’s why we wanted to pamper environments that facilitate rest and encounter, unhurried enjoyment.

   Stay in one of our spaces designed for couples, and immerse yourself in that feeling of isolation, of time standing still, of old wood and stone, and the smell of firewood and home. Wrap yourself in a blanket in front of the fireplace (Muniama and Peña Blanca), contemplate the stars from the bed (Escondite), immerse yourself with your partner in a warm bath with bubbles that massage your tired muscles after a hike in the Picos de Europa (Suite, Muniama, Peña Blanca), wake up with the crowing of a rooster. Find time to be with each other, to enjoy slowly, to look without haste, to run away from time.

The pleasure of a fireplace

   Have you ever had the opportunity to spend an evening by the fire? In winter, with the cold outside and the rain or snow lashing the windows, it is a wonderful experience. Wrap yourself in a soft blanket, with a good book in your hands, with your favorite music, in good company. Or just sit quietly in front of the flames, with a glass of wine in your hand. Enjoy the pleasure of giving yourself some unhurried time. Those moments of meditation and relaxation in front of the fire are unforgettable.

Peace. Silent. Intimacy.

   These three simple words perfectly define what a rural getaway in Cabrales means in this low season. The soundscape in autumn and winter in Cabrales is beautiful and unusual for those who live in big cities. The air is populated with the sounds of the herds descending into the valley after spending the summer in the passes, and the notes of cowbells in the distance fill the mornings with music. At other times the silence is almost eerie, yet wonderful. The feeling of being in a century-old house, and that time has stopped, pushes us to enjoy a peace and intimacy that is not always found in big cities. An experience that soothes the soul.   

The Sunrises

   Are you one of those who like to get up early? Sunrises from our house are always a great moment. But in autumn and winter, when the clouds allow it, they are an unforgettable experience. An added advantage is that at these times of the year we do not have to get up so early to enjoy the sunrise, and the smell of fresh and new that only give the mornings before the hustle and bustle of life begins.

We have several modalities: sunrise with a sea of clouds, sunrises of fire, golden sunrises, sunrises of snow… Of course, we cannot guarantee them. But at this time of the year they are a fairly common phenomenon.

Tenemos varias modalidades: amanecer con mar de nubes, amaneceres de fuego, amaneceres dorados, amaneceres de nieve… Eso sí, no los podemos garantizar. Pero en estas fechas son un fenómeno bastante habitual.

Asturian Rural Gastronomy.

   The best way to warm up is with a good spoon dish, the kind our grandmothers used to make. The traditional Asturian cuisine is full of magnificent examples, and Cabrales, and the nearby councils, of an extraordinary offer in restoration. Traditional cuisine, of a lifetime, where spoon dishes are cooked slowly, in some places even with the heat of the fire. Small village restaurants that masterfully combine tradition and avant-garde. Fabada, Asturian stew, stuffed onions, pixin and goat pie, kid, lamb xaldu, tortos, chorizos a la sidra, cachopo…. Of course our most typical desserts: casadielles, carbayones, frixuelos and rice pudding.

Is your mouth watering? Come and enjoy it. It is another ritual. Another taste. It is another dimension.

Our cheeses

   Eastern Asturias is the most important cheese region in Europe. And this means that nowhere else in our continent you will find such a variety of cheeses, with such a high quality. Cheeses are one of the greatnesses of Asturian gastronomy.

Possibly the most famous is Cabrales cheese, which broke all price records in 2019, when the winning cheese at the Cabrales Fair sold for 20,000€. But there are many, many others, delicious and very interesting: Gamonéu, Beyos, Pría…. Cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s, mixtures of two or three milks. Cheese in this area is made wherever you go. On many occasions it is the perfect gift or souvenir. And it is true that in the cities you can find almost everything. But tasting a table of our cheeses in the environment of Picos de Europa, with a bottle of cider, that plays in another league.

Travel with your pet

   Pets are allowed. Not in all our rooms, not all breeds, and not at all times. We prioritize the smooth running of the accommodation, the comfort of all our guests, and hygiene. Many times, especially in high season, it is very complicated to manage all the requests that come to us to accommodate those who travel with your pets. But in low season it is much easier to accommodate these requests in the best possible way.

   We do not charge anything for the accommodation of the pet. However, we do ask for a deposit, and we ask for responsibility. Check here our pet policy and escape with your pet in winter.

Back to the origen

   Every time you escape to a rural house like La Cortina you are giving life to it. Without you, without your visits, our project would not make sense.

   But besides enjoying an unforgettable experience, you will be able to discover our gastronomy, our customs, our history? Which are yours. A different way of living, thinking, and being in the world, a slower pace; values that we do not always find in the big cities. We must return to the villages. They are where our roots are, they are our memory, the memory of our origins. We must return, always return. So as not to forget who we are.