Brand new rural apartments in Picos de Europa

   Our apartments are located in Cabrales, heart of Picos de Europa, and their name is La Cortina, like our village house. They come after years of knowing and pampering the rural lodging.

   Our rural apartments are sited in what used to be first a stable and later a carpentry workshop. We wanted to respect the soul of the building, preserving the stone part of the original walls, and the masonry around the windows and doors. We have also recovered and reused some beams, old hydraulic tiles, a door and a gate; you can even find some furniture of the old times in the house. But at the same time, we have bet on modern spaces with clean lines, minimalist decoration, in which architectural elements take prominence and configure character.

   We wanted to create rooms designed for rest and enjoyment, in which to be comfortable and relax, in a pleasant and simple environment, with all the amenities that can help us have a better experience in our so deserved vacation.

Bright, clean, functional and comfortable

   All our double beds are Queen size. In all rooms and living rooms you will find smart TV, wifi and cable internet connection, workspaces, kitchens equipped with everything you need, comfortable sofas, and areas for families to meet. For that we have designed versatile spaces that can be unified or separated, being able to lodge from two people to groups of 10. 

   All rooms have their own bathroom. We have especially fuss over these rooms, with an elegant and intimate atmosphere, with large showers, and in some rooms a jacuzzi for two people.

   We have also equipped them with fireplaces, to enjoy cuddling up to the heat and the view of the fire in the winter. And if all this were not enough, you have access to the garden of our rural house, to which they are attached, being able to enjoy in it one of the best views of Cabrales and the environment of Picos de Europa, and quite close to the Ruta del Cares.

   Are you looking for a rural apartment in Cabrales? We think these can be perfect for some days of rest and relaxation.

  Would you like to come??

Rural apartment for 2. In Picos de Europa, Cabrales

Apartment for a couple. (An extra bed for a child would be possible). Pet friendly

Rural apartment for 2. In Picos de Europa, Cabrales

Apartment for 4/5. Two rooms with a private bathroom each.

Rural apartment for 2. In Picos de Europa, Cabrales

Do you need more space? We have different combinations for groups. 6 to 12 people.